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Information About E-Learning
E- Features
E- Merits
  • We 'Dexter Supermind' are an E-learning solutions Provider company in Pune. We run various activities like E-learning, online test, seminars, aptitude test and e learning as well. All our programmes are prepared and guided by expert and experienced professionals in education field so that students and schools can get authentic and valid knowledge. We request you to install our E-learning programme in your reputed school which will be value added effort in your discipline. For details.

  • Prepared by Experts, upgraded Syllabus.
    English, Marathi & Semi Medium is available.
    all subjects are included.
    Attractive Games.
  • Study & Tests are given.
    Helpful in Concept Clarity.
    Audio-Visual presentation Helps for comprehention.
    Student can study independently.
    Effective method of study. Increase in score.

feel free to call. Mob-9423004740, phone- 020-46704777.

Price for E-Learning
Standards Basic Price (Rs)
1st to 4th 12000/-
5th to 7th 12000/-
8th to 10th 18500/-
1st to 7th 24000/-
5th to 10th 30500/-
1st to 10th 42500/-
11th&12th Science 42500/-

Notes : a) Additional 5% Vat is applicable on above fees

Standards Fees(For each Standard)
1st & 2nd 2500/-
3rd & 4th 3500/-
5th to 7th 4000/-
8th to 9th 6000/-
10th 6500/-

  • a) 10% discount on above prices will be given to schools .
  • b) Additional 5% Vat is applicable on above fees.
  • c) Updations if any, in syllabus will be given free for two years.
If Schools want one or two standards, following rates will apply.